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I had a lot of plans last year. Looking thorough my sparse posting last year I see so many ideas that I still think would be fun, but clearly need some work on my end if I want to try them again this year. Things like knitting ornaments in 2017. As I look at the tree that is still up, there is distinct lack of newly handmade ornaments. Its something I’m going to add to the 2018 list.

Same with another year to the box of sox. I was doing pretty well until summer started. And I still have a few new pairs on the needles. I also got the Addi FlexiFlips and I clearly need to try them. And I have a lot of skeins of self striping that need to be worked on. And I have the habit of buying more whenever they catch my attention.

Along with the fact that a big goal this year is to knit more, because my volume of knitting has dropped dramatically, and I’ve likely been getting way more yarn. I will have to do a stash exploration, and plotting after Vogue, since I know it will be enhanced then. I have been better about buying the odd single skein. Instead I buy sweater’s worth…which leads to a very different kind of problem.

So much yarn…so little time.





Gearing up for 2018

One of the things that I have been thinking of in the weeks leading up to the new year is getting some of my crafty mojo back. There have been a lot of instances lately of not having time, and way too many instances of half finished projects.  And so many ideas that haven’t gone nearly as far as they should.

I’m still trying to plot out how the year is going to go when it comes to making. I feel some things need to be scheduled.  Shop updates have become more sporadic, I have so many WIPs.  And I keep gathering sweaters worths of yarn.


I have sweaters chosen for most of these, and of course am itching to cast them all on and make a dozen more sweaters. I possibly have the yarn for that too.

Wrapping up 2017

So how did the last year go knitting goals wise? Very mixed bag. High on starting projects. Low on finishing….

Knitting Goals 

  • Finishing all the WIPS – well I started more? Is that progress?
  • Knitting more sweaters (always a goal)
    • I finished the Honey Pullover and am working on the body of Ommegang. With the sleeves done its just lots and lots of cables right now. I have the body done of an Artichoke French, and on a So Faded sweater. I have some finishing to do in 2018.     
  • More socks (Box O’sox 2017) Well there are two pairs completely done and four more that are on the needles.  And one that just needs the heels. So many socks done, for me at least. A few more pairs on the needles and, one so
  • Ornaments for me and gifting I need to go on a shopping binge at Lexicorpwell that didn’t happen at all though I do have an unfinished Wonder Woman ornament.

Spinning Goals 

img_1861 img_2349 img_1856

  • Enchanted Mesa out of handspun Loop batts – well um…
  • Just finish some of the *cough* number more than six *cough* spinning projects in process
  • Make those handspun socks – Well I found the fiber

Sewing Goals 

  • Having fun with making bags so more accessory projects
    • DPN Holders! 
  • Actually make a garment perhaps a skirt, with pockets well
  • Building my Split cosplay for Flamecon – It may be serger time done and done
    • Handspun Hat

      I have wanted to make a hat out of my handspun luxury fibers for some time now.  I have been spinning the yarn as finely as I can with the plan to ply 3 or four different fibers together in the end to get a worsted weight. But this is spinning project that if it sees ten minutes of spin time every three months that is a lot. It’s time to pick up the pace.


      Needless to say the spinning is very slow going, not only because I am spinning as fine as I can on my golding, but also because I have at least half a dozen spinning projects going at any given time.  I’m sensing a theme here. This project always comes to mind when the weather is cold again, reminding me of the warm soft hat I could have if I just got to Spinning!


      It not as if it is a hardship to use a Golding Spindle while spinning Paco Vicuña, with Cashmere and yak silk blends waiting in the wings. I even have a colorful bit of neon Merino if I decided I wanted a pop of color. It has been spun just as finely and is just waiting. So with all this in mind, I have decided that this is the January project I will attempt finish.  At the very least I should be finished spinning the Paco Vicuña, its only half an oz!


      I’m also motivated as a few handknit hats seemed to have wandered off in the move. So overall I have a plan for more hats. So while this may take a bit longer it seemed like a good place to start on expanding the hat pile once again.

      I also want to amass some cabled hat patterns, and start plotting. I tend to make simple hats or  heavily cabled hats. Also I have quite a bit of leftover yarn from the sweaters so I have some thoughts on that. Possibly a hat for me, and a hat as a gift.

      Slowly working Through It

      So like every adventure with a spindle I’ve had since learning to spin the hardest part is starting. Once I got that down it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but it went much better. 

      I would say I am getting the hang of supported spindling even a day later. I am working with a 4oz. Polwarth Silk blend I got at Rhinebeck from Dragonfly Fibers. I am also spinning super fine so this will be chain plyed when it is done. 

      I think even with that the yardage will be substantial. And once it is done I will have to play with higher silk count. If I liked knitting with it I would be looking into getting some. But it might be the way to spin the glow in the dark fiber.  

      New Shiny

      I may have put in an order with Spanish Peacock. And  gotten my first supported spindle and bowl. 

      It’s s bead style supported spindle, birch/walnut and 17g.  Now I just have to work out how to use it.  Look at one of my goals for the year has been achieved. 

      Look! A Turtle

      I have finished the first, battling that I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Four more battlings are remaining.



      I have been spinning it on my standard size of  my 3D printed Turkish Spindle.



      My plan is to spin each battling separately and then decide if/how they shall be combined. Right now I am thinking possibly a two ply as I am currently getting mostly a lighter than fingering weight for the most part.



      More Spinning

      One of my goals from last year was to knit a hand spun hat from the stash of luxury fibers I have accumulated over that last year or so.  While I did not reach that goal I am still spinning for it. First up is the 2oz. of Paco Vacuna I got at Rhinebeck.


      I am going with a superfine spin in the hopes of plying some of this wonderful fiber together.  The other fibers are a Superfine Merino, Cashmere, Yak, Silk, Milk Fiber, Bamboo, Angelina blend in three colors.



      I have no idea how I will put these together once I am done. I just plan to spin them all as singles and work from there. It seems like a good plan on my part.

      A Little of This A Little of That

      I’m still slowly working crafting back into my day to day schedule. It means that along with wondering when to fit things in, I have no idea how long some things will take. I have frogged and cast on this baby blanket  three times since the first. So I can call last night the new start date, but I’m just not sure when the end date will be.


      I think I am ready to go on it this time, I have already altered the pattern a bit and will be doing more altering the pattern from a star shape to a central star, and then a round outline in other colors.

      2014-08-08 15.06.33

      Something like that. ;). I also want to see if I can do a sweater or two before the shower.  I have about a month and a few days to finish. Here’s hoping I can do it without for hours of available knit time every weekday.


      Another thing I worked on a bit is spinning. I decided to put my Draco fiber in my new Gryffindor bag, and got back into the swing of spinning it. I feel like I actually can see progress on this.  As per usual I have no plan for what to do with this when it is done, though I am thinking about making a worsted 3 ply once I see how the spinning turns out, but plans for fiber are always iffy for me.

      2015 in Spinning

      My 2015 in spinning could likely be summed up as In Progress. For whatever reason I have a lot of started spinning projects but other than samples much fewer finished spinning projects.


      The loop batt was my biggest completed spinning project since I had finished the loop bat for my Hitchhiker a few years ago. Perhaps I’m overdue for a spinning wheel. Okay I know I’m overdue, I even decided what kind of wheel I want ages ago. We’ll see what what the year brings I guess.



      So the first is the spinning project i started in January last year is right there on the right. The spindle you may notice does not have red fiber on it? Yeah… I started spinning the Paco Vicuna that I got at Rhinebeck to be part of the luxury handspun hat. I’m spinning, it as fine of humanly possibly, and I had just filled the spindle so I switched it over.  I really have no spinning loyalty, Sigh.


      I also have started spinning my Draco fiber from Hobbledehoy on my TurtleMade spindle,you can see i have gotten very far.


      And we have some of the ice dyed fiber from Gourmet Stash. And as per usual there are a couple of spindles that I know are holding fiber but I don’t know where they are. Like I think my Aaron’s Make Stuff spindle has a project on it. And my Mini Turtle Made.

      IMG_9661 IMG_8972 IMG_8707

      So along with spinning down the fiber stash, I think finishing the spinning projects I am working on would be good!