Finishing the Tour de Fleece

July 29th, 2014 No comments

The tour ended this past weekend.  I had set goals for myself and while I didn’t meet all of them I made good progress:

  • Card and Spin the locks I have had for ages   I still haven’t found these!


  • Spin up the Rainbow Tribbles I got from Gourmet Stash During the Olympics Done!


  • Spin a Loop bump -well I spun more of it…IMG_6902

Stretch goals

  • Finish the Wednesday braid – All the singles I had done have been chain plyed and I have 206 yards of finished yarn, and am now plying on the fly with the rest of the braid.


  • Finish the blue braid Done!


Super Stretch Goal

  • Spin up Smaller on the outside for socks – I didn’t even pull this fiber out of the stash. At least I was a bit realistic.


All in all good progress.  9 oz of finished spinning, totaling 568 yards, not counting anything still on a spindle.  Along with a  plan to turn the blue yarn into a hat, and my roommate may run off and knit herself something with the rainbow tribbles.  Every year I seem to get a bit more done.  So now to get on the knitting of finished items.

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Making Monday: Wonder Beanie

July 28th, 2014 No comments

This past weekend, as the Tour de Fleece approached its end, I wandered off to a picnic on Saturday. Great fun, but not good in the least for Spinning. I grabbed the patterns I had printed for Christmas in July and settled on the Wonder Beanie and grabbed  yarn and needles on my way out the door.


A simple but very identifiable pattern. I finished the blue and white section before leaving the picnic on Saturday. On Sunday I went through the W pattern and worked my way to the crown decreases before bed.  This morning I quickly finished the hat.


Well finished, except for weaving in the ends. We all know that doesn’t count.

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WIPW: Lavender Update

July 23rd, 2014 No comments

It has been two weeks since  I first hung the lavender to dry.  And while I have been checking on it regularly it looks like some drying has been happening since day one.

Day 1

Day 1     

Now about 14 days later you can see some of the dryness has set in. Another couple weeks or so is clearly needed but its good to see that the drying is working.


The stems are getting darker, and I can tell that if they weren’t so tightly tied to begin with that they may have started to fall off  of the bundles. Part of the reason the instruction recommend rubber bands is to keep that from happening.


Even the sun drying pile is showing some change though not nearly as much. The humidity is likely keeping it from its one week schedule. Most of the dryness that I can tell happened is in the flower buds.  So I will soon have a large pile of dried lavender.

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Making Monday: Tour Update

July 21st, 2014 No comments

The tour is going well I have finished two yarns in the last couple days.  First I finished the Roy G. Biv,  Gourmet Stash tribbles and I got myself 132 yards of  a chain plyed fingering weight.



And then on Sunday I finished the blue fiber that I had been working on since I learned to spin pretty much. It had been battered so much some of it started to felt, and it was a fight to get what was once fantastic fiber to spin. But I did it.


It turned out much to my surprise when I had first started spinning I was doing a lace weight single. This worked out in my favor as near the end, the more battered fiber was worsted almost on its own. So using the center pull ball I created a two ply.


One very full spindle later and I had 230 yards of a heavy fingering/light worsted weight yarn. I still to turn it into a hat and the yardage gives me hope. I may just do a simple cast on and work until I run out of yarn. Possibly a 1×1 rib similar to the yellow hat I made out of some single ply malabrigo I had lying around.


Well that is two goals down and two to go since I still can’t find the locks to card them.  The Loop Bump and the Wednesday braid are all that remain of my goals. And with the idea to make socks out of the Wednesday  braid if it has enough yardage, its a way to even reach the extra stretch goal.  60z of fiber done with I think about another ounce spun of the Weds braid so far.

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July Etsy Update: Into Every Generation…

July 18th, 2014 No comments

A slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampiresdemons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer.


There was a theme in this update. Or well there was a theme and random geekery and Baseball. These things happen.  I started with Buffy, and was quickly followed by ideas for Spike, Dawn, Xander, Willow,  Oz, Giles, and more. So I give you the scooby gang that will protect your repeats. So we have, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Angel, Faith, Spike, and the Sunnydale Graduation (w/ Mayor).

buffy3 xander1  willow3     giles5  dawn2  angel2Faith2 spike1 sunnydale3

Oz, Cordelia, Angelus, and Glorificus are all waiting until the next update to get their turn.

Leaving Sunnydale behind, after running the sign over of course we get into a mixed bag of fun. First up, The Subway Series; Yankees, Mets, and a mix of the two. The Subway is an interesting place whenever we get a subway series.

subway_yankees2 subway_mets6  subway_series3

We leave baseball behind and start looking at Bats. Batman with a Robin lobster claw to be exact.


Sticking with the natural theme we go from bats to spiders. or more Specifically a Black Widow, these Romanoff markers bring Black Widow in the shop for another solo run.

widow2That follows some magic mail, magic potions and ultimate potions.  Wizarding Postal Service, Love Potion #9, and the Blue Potion from Legend of  Zelda. Both Potions part of the House Sock family of stitch Markers.

wps5  lovepo_9_1  teal sock4

There has been some restocking and some additions to the Peredhil family of stitch makers. These with a knit end that can fit a 10 1/2 (6.5mm) needle.


And a New Lantern Corps set.


And we have a set of Mini Peredhil stitch markers.



There are not just stitch markers in this update calling to knitters, I have a feeling these earrings will too. A sweater WIP with beads I thought looked like the yarn ball they came from.



Iris Greek Goddess of the  Rainbow Earrings.



With a slight change – Hades and Persephone have both been restocked. Each now includes one marker from the other and a few other minor changes.

hades1 persephone2

Aquaman Stitch Markers are back as well as the Union Jack Peredhil markers.

DSCN6228  Peredhil_brit

A full update for July.  Next shop  update will be August 22nd.

WIPW: Another Quarter Another Update

July 16th, 2014 No comments

I suppose it helps that I have a Quarterly project at work to keep track of this. So how goes the plan now that we are at the halfway mark?


12 in 2014 – Slow progress but some progress.

1. I still haven’t frogged Flintshire, but it is grouped with all the WIPS (except the Christmas socks which have clearly gone on an adventure.

2. Artichoke French is done and it is glorious.

5. The Wednesday and The Witches braid is half done and looks like it would be enough yardage for for handspun socks.

7. A pair of Bowties are Cool Mitts were done last quarter

12. The blue spinning fiber is part of my TDF goals so maybe…I’ve done more of it at least.

Bonus: Knitting from pattern books I own : Artichoke French




  1. More Festivals/Shows/Conventions (Last year was, Rhinebeck, Hallockville, VKL (NYC), & NYCC) I’d like to do all those again and add MDSW, and maybe Stitches East as a day trip.  No Maryland but maybe Stitches East will still happen.
  2. More Sweaters – One done one on the needles.
  3. More Designing - Well I am writing up the text for a submission and editing the pattern for another
  4. More SpindlesMay have gotten another Bosworth….
  5. More Spinning Year of Handspun
  6. Knitting with Handspun.
  7. More pattern releases (I have so many half done design projects I need to start sharing)
  8. Vacation –  There is talk about doing a weekend in DC. 
  9. Do the holiday knitting for the shop throughout the year – well I am signed up for Christmas in July, even donated a prize. I just need to cast on 
  10. Collaboration Working on it



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TDF:Rainbow Spinning

July 14th, 2014 No comments

So I seem to have gotten into a small spinning groove. I pretty much ending up spinning a color a day for the rainbow tribbles and started plying last night.

IMG_6886  IMG_6905  IMG_6906

We have Red, Orange, Yellow,  and green, all that fit onto one of my smaller spindles. When I got to blue it became clear that it wasn’t going to cut it much longer so I pulled out a second spindle and got to work.

IMG_6968  IMG_6969  2014-07-13 16.51.03

Sunday afternoon, chatting I finished up the last of the violet. and was ready to combine both spindles into a single ply of yarn. Another rainbow of singles that looks pretty good.


And once I had that done I started chain plying. I made it to orange before I called it a night.  I’m looking forward to seeing the finished yardage on this.


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Tour De Fleece: All wips all the time

July 10th, 2014 No comments

Currently everything but the missing locks is on the spindle at least a little bit. The rainbow tribbles are up to yellow.  But the tiny spindle is nearly full so it may be time to pull it off to another and start chain plying.


The other three spinning projects are still in much the same state that they used to be in.


The barely started loop batt.


And the really need to be done blue braid. Getting there…slowly.

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WIPW: Lavender!

July 9th, 2014 No comments

Yes Lavender, the plant not the color. A friend went out of town and had Lavender growing wild on the family’s property.  She knows I’ve been going wildly anti-moth after cleaning out the stash and finding a couple of leftover (thanfully!) skeins infested.  They were all isolated from the rest of the stash but I had a plan of attack.  I have cedar and lavender satchels in the yarn, fiber, and FO drawer. One must always remember, There is no ‘overkill.’ There is only ‘open fire’ and ‘I need to reload.’


So I opened the box she had grabbed and I started working based on the instructions on this Wiki-how article. I decided to do both methods, with the majority being hanging lavender to dry in the liquor armoire.  I didn’t have rubber bands so instead I used really tightly tied acrylic yarn.


This is the longer method taking two to four weeks  but seemed like a better plan as one thing that sun drying recommended was a not too humid area. Summer in NYC that’s not humid? I wish.  Dry heat is something I have only ever experienced in  TX and AZ.


IMG_6897I placed the leftovers in the craft room widow which gets the most sun of the entire apartment. I figure if it fails no worries. So the armoire set should be ready right about my birthday.  I’ll keep track of it int he coming weeks, maybe daily progress on Instagram if something interesting happens.


I think if nothing else the armoire will smell great every time I open it to make a drink. and I may make off with a sprig to hang on the wall over the stash.

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Tour De Fleece 2014

July 8th, 2014 No comments

Another year another tour. So I have already hit a small snafu with my tour goals. I gathered all the fiber and put it in one place. And I can’t find the locks to card them! Handcards, blending brush, dowel for making rolags, but fiber…nope.

So I have  moved the Hobbledehoy braid up in the goals list. I plyed everything I had so far and threw it on my noddy. I have 206 yards of fingering weight so far, and  3.2oz left to spin, so my thought of making socks with the finished yarn may be a good one and would move right towards one of my goals for the year.


And of course because I can’t just spin one project, I pulled out my Gourmet Stash Tribbles in ROY G BIV and started spinning those as well. I finished the red, and am about halfway through the orange.


I keep being torn on chain plying the finished product or two plying it with the glow in the dark fiber I got at LIFFF with my other rainbow braid. As my noddy is currently full I’ve decided to just continue to spin and decide when I’m done.  But I’m really enjoying this rainbow kick.


Also as  I’ve been going through my stash for the Tour I’ve pulled aside a few braids that are up for sale on Raverly. They are all on my destash page and you can take a look see if anything catches your fancy.  Three are up so far but a couple more may be added before the tour is over.

medusa_medium2 vamp_medium2 loop_medium2