WIPW: Heatwave Pumpkin Ale

July 29th, 2015 No comments

What better time to start a sweater than at the start of another heat wave? Probably any other time. But I have once again been bitten by the start something new bug. So I decided to make a Pumpkin Ale out of the blue sweater worth of yarn I purchased on Black Friday.



Partly because the office/guest/craft room remains an impenetrable fortress of heat during weather like this. The new furry member of the apartment acts more like a puppy than a cat which means the door to the room must remain shut and not share the A/C from the living room. So sewing and beading are pretty much out for the rest of the week.  Clearly this means cast on a sweater…



This is going to be an adventure as the last multiple day heat wave coincided with when I had planned to focus and finish my Bayside sweater. Granted this one is currently much smaller, and there will be no alternating skeins so much less wool to cover me.  I may come out of the other end with some progress. I also realized that I actually can have and use three Rhinebeck sweaters this year. I will be vending Friday night at the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show, so what better reason to add another sweater or two to the pile with Rhinebeck deadlines.  I think this means I should also get working on my Alta which I swatched for ages ago. But never cast on as the swatch was way way way off.


So surprise goal, or semi surprise goal I want, three new sweaters done by Oct. 15th. That’s 77 days or 11 weeks. Bayside is past the halfway point, as I did add a few more inches to the body before I decided it was much to hot to work on.  I think I am 6 inches from the edging then would need to add sleeves.


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July Shop Update: Hogwarts!

July 26th, 2015 No comments

This month there is a lot of Hogwarts as I rounded out the last 5 years of the collections. I had done Year 1 and 2 back in April I think. Here now are years 3 – 7.  These markers were really fun to make.  I may have to make more sets, like DADA professors, individual Death Eaters, the Order, the animals of the series etc…

IMG_9632 IMG_9631 IMG_9625 IMG_9616 IMG_9600

And I’m sure just the start of regular marker sets on the same theme.  Death Eaters


Many Many more colors in the Yarn Skein Earrings.

IMG_9666 IMG_9667 IMG_9671 IMG_9672


And Yarn Skein Pendants or Key Chains if you would rather.


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Spinning Progress

July 24th, 2015 No comments

So once I finished the baby blanket and lost all the images from the shower (my SD card died AFTER the party). I started spinning for the tour. Right before the tour started, I took stock of my projects in progress.


I finished a few things from that list.


The blue and green tidbits from Hobbledehoy plyed into a 33 yard 2 ply.  I also finished the rainbow fiber I started in May.


I had been planning ply it with some glow in the dark fiber, but it is proving more difficult to spin than I had expected, so right now I just have the finished 2oz, and a plan for yarn that glows in the dark. It might be time to break out the hand cards.


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Where Does the Time Go

July 9th, 2015 No comments

We are down half  of the year. So how are the 2015 goals progressing? I think pretty on track to show good progress on the next check in.


1. Four more sweaters in 2015. That’s one a season, totally reasonable, and I would like at least 2 to be pullovers, and at least one to be done in pieces. its about time I got to building a sweater. And right now I have the yarn for a few sweaters!
1. Alta – Green Gloss DK –  swatch is done and wayyy off. I’m losing about 4 stitches every 4 inches. Math will have to be done.
2. Stripes Gone Crazy – Cashmere Wool Blend
3. Blue Wool of the Andes
4. Eco Wool
5. Bayside
6. Wine colored Sock yarn

Well I have one Sweater down, 3 to go.  Bug Warmer from Yesterday. 
2. More craft fairs – I want to do more vending (VKLive happened!) I vended at the BKCG WWKIP again, did Funday Sunday on Smith Street, and will be doing the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk show the Friday of Rhinebeck.  I now have an Events page where you can keep up to date on where I shall be popping up.
3. More Spinning. Joining the DSPAKAL means I will start my year spinning. The 680 yard loop bump seems to have that covered, even if I haven’t had a chance to spin since the tour de fleece started 
1. Six complete spinning projects for the year (knitting handspun or spinning a project) – Hitchhiker is done, the loop bump above, and a few squares on the  sock blanket. 
2. Get one of the spindles I have been eying maybe as a reward for hitting the 50% mark(Uh – I may now own two Turtle Made spindles, an Aaron Makes stuff spindle, and a Golding)
4. Socks!!!! I have two actual pairs on the needles. I have cast on Hermione’s Everyday socks…Now where did I put them…
5. As I mentioned yesterday, more collaborations.Clubs, Giveaways, Stitches South!
6. Updating the graphics of the blog and published patterns (new laptop should help get this going but its still a work in progress) 
7. Gloves! Both the designing of and knitting of other patterns – My Thrummed flip top mittens are a start right? a still incomplete start but a start
8. Designing – So many swatches guys – SO MANY – Submissions! Things are out, patterns are being written
9. Plan another epic birthday – there may be zombies  whiskey



And the 12 in 2015
1. Alta Swatched
2. Stripes Gone CrazyBeen pondering making another pullover with the yarn
3. Bayside sleeves separated and approaching the body increases decreases
4. Handspun Socks take two
5. Blanket – Cozy Memories Blanket
6. Gloves – Thrummed flip top mitts
7. Flintshire Take II – well I used the yarn for mitts. but a red flintshire would work too.
8. Release a Cowl Design – couple different swatches floating around and a pattern on the needles 
9. Handspun Hat with Luxury tribbles – Cashmere! Yak!
10. Thrummed Hat! – I don’t wear mittens but a Hat would be great.Likely not as then there would have to be lining.
11. A Colorwork project
12. Christmas Ornaments – After setting up the tree this year we noted it was lacking in handmade, personal items. Especially in the home of two crafters.


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The 12 Hour Sweater

July 8th, 2015 2 comments

So on Monday, I decided to cast on a baby sweater for a shower I’m going to this weekend.  I have been working on a chevron baby blanket that is about 55% done at this point but I wanted a change of pace for a little bit. Clearly a sign that I am never a monogamous knitter.




So I looked up baby sweater patterns and was torn for a little while between  Jeudi a pullover and the  Bug Warmer. I decided to go with the Bug Warmer  as there were more size options and I was using a variegated yarn and I thought the cable would get lost in it. 


I cast on and started working and was quite surprised how fast the sweater went in even an hour.  That was about the point I decided I wanted to see if I could finish it by the end of the day, or at least by the time I went to bed. I had cast on around 11.


By about 3 in between working and  eating I had separated for the sleeves.  and was making steady progress on the body, so this looked like something I could do. So of course I didn’t touch the sweater again until about 7.


I was able to finish the body by 10. And then I had to make a decision. Having read the patten and the size I chose, my skein of yarn was about 40 yards shorter than the recommendation.  All I had left were the sleeves and the pattern did come in long and short sleeve versions.  I decided to go with the short sleeve version and by 11:30, I had a finished sweater! This is the first finished sweater of 2015.


One gift down one to go.


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Tour De Fleece

July 3rd, 2015 2 comments

The tour starts tomorrow and I haven’t joined a team or set any plan. Mostly because as I was organizing, I snapped a photo of all  the in progress spinning that I currently have, and that doesn’t account for all the other projects I have going.


From left to right, is 1) my failed dspakal, most of 4oz left to be spun there 2) the rainbow 20z I have been spinning that I grabbed at lifff, 3) a tidbit from hobbledehoy, 4) a loop bump I think I haven’t been working on since 2013, and 5) another tidbit on my turtle made.  I know of at least 2 other projects in progress, a tribble on on mini turkish, and some mystery black fiber that is to go with some orange that I have already spun up.  Just a couple things really…


So I think I will have this tour as a finish things one.  where I work on the projects already on the spindle, and try to do something new.  Like the thought I had to ply the rainbow fiber on one of the turkish spindles I own and see how that goes.  If I get a chance to get really into the spinning I may take a chance with one of the fibers I grabbed at MDSW.  They were all small quantities so taking a chance with one near the end of the tour seems safe.  I mean I currently have, 12 -16oz of fiber in progress.



Not to mention I have a baby shower in 8 days and maybe 30% of a blanket done, and I wanted to make some accessories. But I’m off to the movies and hope I can make a lot of progress on a garter chevron blanket this holiday weekend.


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June Update: Spinning

June 20th, 2015 No comments

Regular Stitch Markers – The Hulk, Master of Disguise, Dark Side of the Rainbow and Green Marble

IMG_9410 IMG_9401 IMG_9390 IMG_9376


Earrings –  Drop Spindle Earrings



Crochet Stitch Markers –  Dark side of the Rainbow and Hulk

IMG_9375 IMG_9396


Restocked   River Song Collection, The Verse, Hulk, The Fastest Man Alive,  Riddler, CountEm, Thor Earrings

river1 versecrochet4 hshulk3 flash1 riddle5 countem1 thor  lokie4

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I Sew Now Sewing Is Cool

June 17th, 2015 2 comments

At the beginning of May, I started taking sewing classes at Mood Fabrics.  After chatting with a friend who took the class previously, I decided to double up and take the beginning and the intermediate class together.   So I  was working on a tote bag and a dress.



The classes were six weeks of 1 1/2 hour lessons. I had some issues with the machine in class the last two weeks, but I’ve been doing well with the machine at home except for needle breaking. I never broke a needle in class, yet have broken 3 at home…



The tote bag is three layers of fabric deep, it has the  outer layer, canvas in the middle, and  lining fabric. The finish tote is massive and it makes me happy, since I have been lugging around a tote bag a lot this summer already.


So I might have to start using this right away. I  am tempted to make another tote bag, but first I have a dress to finish.  I mean I already have a fabric stash. Its small but it exist. This may be the next dangerous hobby.

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FlameCon Wrap Up

June 15th, 2015 2 comments

Saturday was FlameCon which was NYC’s First Queer Comic Con.  It was hosted in Brooklyn at the Grand Prospect Hall whose ad has been running on local tv for years.  For those who don’t know and don’t want to watch the youtube video, its a hall in Brooklyn that normally would be used for weddings,  parties, and the like. So think chandeliers, ballrooms, gardens, etc..



This was my first time at the first year of a convention.  While I still remember the days of walking to the Javitz Center and getting a ticket to NYCC on Saturday, and not being packed like a Sardine it was well past a new event when I started going. I think it turned out pretty well,  there was a sizable but manageable crowd most of the day.


So we decided to be members of the X-men. Shadowcat, Asgardian Storm, Punk Storm, and Jubilation Lee. We were walking around with a couple other friends who weren’t X-men,  one of whom I think took all the photos on my Camera that I didn’t.

We had a lot of fun, though the GPH was HOT.  Everyone was melting a bit, but the coolest room was also where there was seating available.  Dressed in all black with a a leather vest and corset I took advantage of the seating a few times during the day.


At some point lightning may be added to the shot. I didn’t wear the foot and a half mohawk this time as it was wilting and would need to be reformed.  Instead I made a fohawk and sprayed it with white.  How? Hair gel, teasing and bobby pins. My hair put up quite the fight.  If you follow me on instagram you saw a few more shots of the hair, and our entire group.


No convention would be complete without some swag. I was pretty tame though the Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race dominated my purchases.  Post cards by Chad Sell  and Christmas Ornaments by James L. Barry. Lastly a pair of Supernatural buttons, where I didn’t get any vendor information at all *sigh*.  So if anyone recognizes the design let me know.


I didn’t make it to  any panels as there were only two that jumped out at me and when we went upstairs to the first one, the line wrapped around itself and as far as we could tell the panel room was tiny. And if we thought it was hot downstairs, upstairs… I seem to have lost all my warm weather proofing, when I could dress like Storm and be working outdoors for hours. Now I tend to hit a moment of sit down or fall down.  Lots of water was had and escapes to the cool room.

Like NYCC the best part of the show were conversations with people, about geeky things, their thoughts on the convention, movies, and more. I got the usual I am with my tribe sensation and that always feels good.  We didn’t end up at the afterparty where there was burlesque apparently, as we had another event to get to, but I would go again next year.  Just maybe with a fan.


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Upcoming Events: WWKIP & Sunday Funday

June 14th, 2015 Comments off

The next couple weekends are going to be quite full. This coming Saturday I shall be vending at  The Brooklyn Knit and Crochet Guild’s World Wide Knit in Public Celebration.  It is this Saturday June 20th from 11-2 at the Old Stone House in Park Slope.

One Geek white 2

I will have stitch markers, earrings, and some project bags from Sooze in the City.  Come stop by if you are in Brooklyn. It will be the debut of my new Drop Spindle earrings.



Then on Sunday June 28th, it shall be Sunday Funday on Smith Street. We will be set up outside La Casita Yarn Shop and Cafe.  I will be at the table with Susie from Chiagu  with the usual stock from 11am – 6pm ish. La Casita will be having a dyeing class inside the shop on the same day.


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