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So the Rainbow-along hosted by the Suburban Stitcher started yesterday. It wasn’t really all that hard for me to decide to jump in. I really like rainbow yarn and have spun up a lot of it.  I have chosen one of the skeins of rainbow handspun that I have, a skein of Madeline Tosh merino Light in Magic, and a skein of Witch Candy Yarn’s in Light bright.



All of these yarns, and a few more in my stash say rainbow to me. Its fun how the rainbow can still come out in a variety of ways. I think the first on my needles will be the light bright.


I want to make the Vertigo Mitts out of this and I think it will look awesome with the pops of color. I also may have found my plane knitting for this weekend. Now to find the needles. Steps I suppose. Small steps.

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The Cast On Indecision

February 1st, 2016 No comments

Travel Knitting is hard guys, you want something that is interesting to work on, compact enough to give you the most bang for your buck, but also simple enough that it won’t suffer when its put down and picked back up, in possibly unexpected moments.


My last travel project was my color affection shawl, which was great for a week wandering Europe. This is a much, much shorter trip. Just a weekend in Orlando. Some sun and  going to Hogwarts, and heading back during the superbowl.  I expect most of my knitting time to be on the plane this trip.  My first thought was to start another massive shawl, but that would likely then stay on the needles for ages when I got back. I hope to finish the baby blanket before I leave, as that takes up much too much space at its current size to be a good travel project.


I thought about starting a sweater but I would want it to be with the Empire I just wound and no. Remember that compact rule? As much as I love it, my “purse” can’t just be filled with yarn. I mean I could start a sweater with the Neighborhood Fiber Co worsted I have but I still haven’t chosen a pattern.  So much indecision on my end. The rainbow-along starts today and I have wanted to make some mitts from my rainbow handspun.  That would likely be a good pattern to travel with…you know once I choose a pattern.



Have you sensed a theme yet? Pattern choosing…Project choosing…heck even yarn choosing…it’s all hard.

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Winding Adventure

January 31st, 2016 No comments

So winding a ball of yarn that is the size of a small baby is a fun adventure.  1280 yards of Empire. My swift was just able to do the job. Then it was time to get the winder out.



It turned out that my winder was foiled by the way it was built. There was only so large a skein could get before it just couldn’t get around any more.


So at that point you would think I would cut the skein?  Nope. I went to that stubborn place and started a second skein from the other end of the yarn.  So once the second ball reached the point of no winding? Well of course I started winding by hand.

IMG_1016 So we have a very large skein of yarn. Still as one skein, which means I really want to make a mostly seamless sweater. I suppose I could convert stonecutter to the round. Or find another sweater to knit which would not be very hard.  I do think its clear this will be a home only project.

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Slowly working Through It

January 30th, 2016 No comments

So like every adventure with a spindle I’ve had since learning to spin the hardest part is starting. Once I got that down it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but it went much better. 

I would say I am getting the hang of supported spindling even a day later. I am working with a 4oz. Polwarth Silk blend I got at Rhinebeck from Dragonfly Fibers. I am also spinning super fine so this will be chain plyed when it is done. 

I think even with that the yardage will be substantial. And once it is done I will have to play with higher silk count. If I liked knitting with it I would be looking into getting some. But it might be the way to spin the glow in the dark fiber.  

New Shiny

January 29th, 2016 No comments

I may have put in an order with Spanish Peacock. And  gotten my first supported spindle and bowl. 

It’s s bead style supported spindle, birch/walnut and 17g.  Now I just have to work out how to use it.  Look at one of my goals for the year has been achieved. 

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A Good Problem

January 28th, 2016 No comments

So I have a problem, its a good one but still a problem. One that will grow if I keep up the year of the sweater plan. I have run out of space to keep my hand knits.  I had a dresser drawer and a closet shelf. The drawer is full of scarves, shawls, hats, and left gloves apparently and the shelf had to let go after a handknit sweater was lost due to the joys of cat ownership. High flying little fur balls.


I have made a lot of sweaters in the last couple of years and am planning on making more. So my question is where does one keep all these sweaters in an NYC apartment, when space is always an issue and at  least during the winter months long term storage falls apart. I mean I can seal them and put them in above my closet where I need a ladder (which I don’t have) to reach. But when I am wearing them daily that’s less than helpful.


Currently they live atop my stash in states of, wearing, worn, to be washed, blocked, or repaired, and just ‘well where else is it going to go?’ So thoughts, ideas? Should I just head to the container store/Ikea and go wild? Where do I put all these sweaters, as it’s clear I’m not stopping anytime soon.

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All the Colors

January 27th, 2016 2 comments

So we know adult coloring books are a thing. All the rage, and you can play with a lot of fun themes. I haven’t really done it because whenever it crosses my mind none of the books I see are something that I want to work on or, I have 65664r54 deadlines and can’t imagine doing it yet and put it off until a more free time. Shall I tell you about the video games collecting dust waiting for that  more free time?


So sometimes its your friends that get you started. Because how can I turn that down? Tolkien’s World, is precious to me. And then I opened the book and they really mean it.  I may have giggled when I saw the page for Feanor. And some of you totally get how nerdy that makes me. But there are also some old favorites like the Steward of Gondor.



Or the defeat of the Witch King of Agmar by Eowyn. I am looking forward to tackling this. I just am torn on if I should use the giant pile of colored pencils I have or order some markers. I’m leaning towards the markers. But while I waffle and delay it means I haven’t started anything, and this was a Christmas present.




I’ll get to it. Eventually, its too cool not to do.

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Final Countdown…Maybe

January 26th, 2016 No comments

The blanket it going faster than I expected. I’d say the pattern for A Bit Old Fashioned agrees with me. I have started on the first white stripe. And based on how the pattern works have about 55 more rounds to go and the star to make.  Not too shabby.


I had the feeling that this was going to take weeks. Maybe due to the scrambling to try and finish just part of a sleeve on a fingering weight sweater. Whenever I finish a fingering project I feel like worsted is moving at rocket speed and this time is no exception. How much yarn I shall have remaining in anything other than the blue is up in the air.


The red area took most of a skein, and I will of course be increasing my way through the white section. The sweater addition may have been wishful thinking but I should be able to make a sweater from the remaining blue. It will remain to be seen if I will have enough to make a Captain America sweater, though maybe I will have enough scraps of yarn to imply it.

The Lurking Danger of New Projects

January 25th, 2016 No comments

The baby blanket is continuing to grow, but more on that tomorrow. This weekend while the snow fell and fell and fell. I kept trying to keep myself from starting a sweater for myself.  I really want to start the Costal Pullover which is a pullover version of the Rocky Coast Cardigan, which have made in red and black cascade 22o.



Two things are stopping me. One I really want to finish the blanket soon, and a sweater is not a quick project. And two I can’t decide on color. I’m torn between black and light grey.

IMG_0802    IMG_0804


I’m torn, both yarns would work. I’m leaning slightly towards the black but in ten minutes I’m sure that will change. I will have to cast on eventually, until then I will maintain my indecision and make baby things!

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Look! A Turtle

January 24th, 2016 No comments

I have finished the first, battling that I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Four more battlings are remaining.



I have been spinning it on my standard size of  my 3D printed Turkish Spindle.



My plan is to spin each battling separately and then decide if/how they shall be combined. Right now I am thinking possibly a two ply as I am currently getting mostly a lighter than fingering weight for the most part.



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