WIPW: Hat and Prep

October 29th, 2014 No comments

As I’ve been mentioning recently I have been on a hat roll.  I’ve even started tagging all of this year’s gift hats Hatseason. So I suppose it was only a matter of time until  word started to spread, and a friend commissioned a hat after seeing another friend in Corwith.


Made last year, in a skein of grey worsted it became the predecessor to Hat Season.  As much as I enjoyed knitting it, I am more of a black or wacky color hat girl.  So it went into the bag to find a good home and clearly it did. So good I’m getting requests for more of them. So I have cast on the next hat, in Rowan Felted Tweed.

2014-10-29 11.36.23

Funnily enough even with it being a special request  I had a few skeins in my stash that fit the request and this was the chosen winner.  I have finished the ribbing and from what I remember this hat will be a very quick knit. Which is good, as I  have another surprise on my plate.


paper try 3

And as the title of the post says, there is also prep! I will be at a Holiday Fair in two weeks. The Grace & The Arts at Christmas Fair   on 11/15 and 11/16. More details as the date approaches, but it is off Broadway and 10th street.  So a couple blocks from, Forbidden Planet, Strand, and other dangerous shops. So there are a couple of Christmas things, I need to get working on that I think would do well at a fair. Oh and I start NaNoWriMo this weekend.  Just a couple things on my plate.  I think I have to skip the first write in, to start getting ready.

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Making Monday: Halloween Fiber

October 27th, 2014 No comments

I have  been spinning the Halloween fiber a I mentioned a few weeks ago. A little over an ounce of each color. Not that much but enough to move slowly when you only spin for ten minutes every few weeks.


I’m still working on the orange as I had a couple sweaters to knit for reasons…


2014-09-22 23.29.22-1

I’m hoping for a fingering or DK finished 2 ply. I should get on that…

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FO Friday: Rikke Hat

October 24th, 2014 No comments

I finished the Rikke hat for my sister. This was one of those projects I put down, and completely forgot about.  The sad thing was I had put it down at the crown decreases as I had been working in the dark and that seemed like asking for trouble.  Between my commute, untangling three balls of the yarn, and a conference call I finished the hat. Mostly.

2014-10-24 13.06.31

She wants the hat lined, and I never did buy any fabric for that. But the knitting part is done and that is what counts right? Right?





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Rhinebeck Fun Times

October 22nd, 2014 No comments

Rhinebeck as always was a great fun time.  We rented a house this weekend and had six knitters in an old adorable house about an half hour away from the fair grounds.


Granted we were across the street from a boarded up house we jokingly called the  murder house, hopefully. We kept an eye out for any impalas making an appearance.  When pitch black on a winding road, that house is a bit much. But the stars you could see at night!


At the fair, I actually stuck to my plan. No yarn or fiber purchased, though one of the house mates brought in a giant bag of destash and some things may have come home with me. Other than food, I only purchased two things.


Just a couple project bags. My first JessaLu bag and one of the officially branded bags, mostly as I like this year’s logo.


There were also necessary Artichoke French photo ops.


And look Laura Nelkin!


I ended up wearing my Artichoke French both days of the fair as, Sunday was way chiller than expected and neither DownEast or Rocky Coast was gonna cut it. Even with my addition of a color affection.


I also got a chance to try out a Hansen Mini spinner I did enjoy it, and the plan is still to play with a couple of wheels eventually before I made a decision but the space constraints of an apartment, and the complete bodily failure I had at my one drum lesson make me lean towards it.  I have some time to think about it and there will be a learning curve, but I think it would be a good fit.


And of course the animals!




Til next year!

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WIPW: The Road to Rhinebeck

October 15th, 2014 No comments

It’s that time of year again. Time for the NYS Sheep and Woo Festival. The weekend after  NY Comic Con, because all my favorites happen in October.


The weather report makes me think it will be more like my first Rhinebeck where I had gotten down to a T-shirt and my lovely cabled Vivian was around my waist.  I have an insane plan to buy nothing but another Bosworth spindle at Rhinebeck. We’ll see what actually happens, if last year was any indication… I kept to the yarn rule. The fiber one not so much.  I have yet to touch any of that fiber. Sigh.


So what am I planning exactly if not a plan of attack:

  • Car/House knitting is a must
  • What/if any spinning to bring
  • What meetups to go to
  • Okay one possible purchase (yarn for Alta)
  • Clothes to pack
  • Snacks to bake/pack – I’m hoping I can make deep fried tequila shots
  • Notebook for NaNoWriMo plotting
  • Weave in ends on Rocky Coast
  • Weave in ends on DownEast

I look forward to it.  I have an easy Rhinebeck, I know a friend putting together a spreadsheet, and another has a goal to see demonstrations. So say hi!


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NYCC and an FO

October 14th, 2014 No comments

I finished  the blue handspun hat, though I didn’t work on it too much during the convention which I guess shows it was a quick knit. I am casting on a second hat with the leftover yarn.


Now how was NYCC? Fun! The crowds seemed smaller this year, but that might be because there was a lot of strategy being applied when hitting the vending floor. There was also, some time daily spent in the Mary Sue lounge. And it was great, my favorite conversation happened in that room while we all worked our way around friendship bracelet making.  Seriously the ladies at the table were all fabulous.  The jokes, references, and snark few far and fast.


If my convention had ended at this table it would have been plenty fun. But there were panels, art, trips to the Waystation and cosplay. So much cosplay.


There was some slight alteration to my cosplay and I was running around as Zoe from Firefly on Sunday instead of mohawk Storm, as the Mohawk needed some glue dipping and that took about 48hrs or so to dry last year so learning that Saturday night was not going to help.

IMG_7492  IMG_7516  IMG_7545

I also totally forgot to take pictures of myself Sunday. But Thurs., Fri., and Sat. were all covered.  In other people’s cosplay, random things caught my attention, like crochet pumpkin bombs.


Because crochet props are awesome.

IMG_7565Doctors at the Waystation, Five, Six, and Seven. And my friend is Five and she did knit her vest herself, as well as sew/alter everything else. She makes me a cosplay slacker.  Now this week is to prep for Rhinebeck. Wooo…


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WIPW: Handspun Hat

October 8th, 2014 No comments

I haven’t cast on a sweater yet…we’ll see how long that lasts.  I do have Bayside on the needles so I could start lugging that around again, but alternating skeins means its a big project to carry around.  For the weekend I have  pulled some hat projects.

I cast on a simple 1×1 rib hat using my hand spun.


It’s pretty much going to be a free form hat as long as the yarn allows. I have about 230 yards, so it should be enough for a warm hat and a fold over brim. I also will be working on my sister’s Rikkie hat, and lastly casting on Flintshire again.  I think along with my hat adventures I should make a few more pairs of mitts. I always seem to be missing those.

2014-01-05 18.23.52

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FO: DownEast Sweater

October 7th, 2014 2 comments

Eleven days later  and I have a finished sweater for. Which is pretty awesome.  I still have to weave in the ends and block the sweater but done! Done is always good.  I actually have progress for the end of every day via instagram.

2014-09-26 23.38.13-2 2014-09-28 14.47.19-2 IMG_7425

2014-09-29 21.44.17 2014-09-30 12.06.11 2014-10-01 00.52.22

2014-10-01 22.32.16-2 2014-10-02 21.50.46 2014-10-04 00.04.32-1

2014-10-06 00.35.43-2  2014-10-07 01.51.45

I think this is the end of  the high speed sweater knitting but I’m entering this winter with three new sweaters, and am actually wearing my Artichoke French today.   Next up shall be all the sock weight sweaters.


Oh and I did finally block the Rocky Coast.


Now to prepare all my knitting for sitting in panels at NYCC. The combination of compact, interesting, and easy. I’m aiming for hats.

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WIPW: Rounding Out Q3

October 1st, 2014 1 comment

How goes the progress on 12 in 2o14?  And the Goals for 2014? Pretty darn good.

1. I frogged the Flintshire since I had no idea what row I was working on. Seemed like the best plan of action. The yarn is waiting, and since I have decided to either make sweaters or hats, its a good time to pick  it back up.

2. IMG_0531 Artichoke French

3. Alta I have been working on sweaters I have the yarn for. So this has been put to the back burner until I buy the yarn for it. I have five sweaters worth of yarn not on the needles and none would work (sock weight, bulky) But – Rocky Coast and Down East means progress right?

4. A project with sparkle yarn

5. Handspun Socks – Still spinning

6. Pendulum Shawl

7.  2014-04-16 18.27.06  Bowties are cool

8. A pair of socks ….

9. IMG_6871 Finish Color Affection

10.  Finish Bloomery er…

11. Wurm

12. IMG_7016 Finish Spinning Blue Fiber


Bonus: Knit items from books I own:

  1. Artichoke French

Sub bonus? Knit from patterns I own:

  1. Rocky Coast  (also 2013 goal!)
  2. Bayside



  1. More Festivals/Shows/Conventions (Last year was, Rhinebeck, Hallockville, VKL (NYC), & NYCC) I’d like to do all those again and add MDSW, and maybe Stitches East as a day trip.  No Maryland but maybe Stitches East will still happen. So Stitches East is the same weekend as NYCC, The Kings Fiber Festival, and the New York Yarn Crawl. Geez.
  2. More SweatersTwo done two on the needles
  3. More Designing -
  4. More SpindlesMay have a Rhinebeck plot….
  5. More Spinning Year of Handspun
  6. Knitting with Handspun. Um…I’m planning to make a hat or two?
  7. More pattern releases (I have so many half done design projects I need to start sharing)
    I’ve been doing a lot more submissions so I’m working towards that
  8. Vacation –  There is talk about doing a weekend in DC.  We got a cottage, I’m counting Rhinebeck. :D Plus I have a bunch of long weekends in October.
  9. Do the holiday knitting for the shop throughout the year – well I am signed up for Christmas in July, even donated a prize. I just need to cast on 
  10. Collaboration   If you went to Knit Dizzney I was in the gift bag. I’m one of the sponsors for the New York Yarn Crawl and have a few prizes out for KAL’s  Who’s doing the Pigskin Party?  I have prizes there.  Not exactly what I had in mind but all fun.
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Making Monday: DownEast

September 29th, 2014 No comments

On Friday I frogged the work I had done for The DownEast sweater.  It was only about 4 inches of the collar which I had twisted.  I also had mixed feelings about the size 11 needles. Especially when I read ahead and learned  that the entire sweater would be in the same size. I went down to 10 1/2 and we’ll see how that goes.

This was also my first experience with the tubular cast on, which I really like and may use in a sweater design I’m working on.  We’ll see how I feel about the cast off.


Currently I’m about  ten rows from the sleeve separation and I have hope to get that done today on my way or while waiting at the doctor’s office.  I’ve been trying to post progress daily on Instagram as a method to keep me from shoving the project in a corner for a week.

So far so good.  Here are the first three days of posting.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

2014-09-26 23.38.13-2   2014-09-28 14.47.19-2  2014-09-29 00.45.07

There was only about an inch of growth between day two and three, but I figure today will be the big jump.  And once the sleeves are separated the body will pick up speed again.But I’m enjoying the project and will have a great sweater, hopefully in time for Rhinebeck, and if not in time for the next polar vortex.

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