To the Sleeves and Beyond

September 23rd, 2015 No comments

The front of Alta is done! I have even blocked it.  I have started the sleeve which is all of about two inches right now.  Just about 4 weeks out to the show and it seems to be going well. At least on the sweater front. The front is drying now,  in a mostly cat safe place.



On the falling to pieces front I managed to sprain my ankle at some point and that has been fun. I have a nice brace and seem to be able to move around okay. I haven’t gone further than the kitchen these last couple of days so all is going well there.



This Saturday I shall be at Maker Faire and teaching spinning from 2 – 6pm. I’ll try to Periscope a  bit while there but with teaching we’ll see how much time is actually mine. If not there will likely at least be an intsagram shot or three.

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September Shop Update: Introducing Notions Bags

September 21st, 2015 No comments

This month we have a mix of Halloween, Fall, time travel, and the new notions bags. Lets start with with newest item. Notions bags, at about 3″x4″ perfect for holding stitch markers, a tape measurer, folding scissors, and a darning needle or two. With a key ring they are perfect for moving from project bag to project bag as needed.

First up, Bats in the Belfry

IMG_0068 IMG_0063


Star Trek and Star Trek TOS

IMG_0078 IMG_0080


Nevermore (purple) and Trick or Treat 


IMG_0072 IMG_0092



We have some halloween themed stitch markers.

Fangs a Lot in Standard, House Sock and Crochet

IMG_0005 IMG_0029 IMG_0036


Collection This is Halloween




I Do Believe in Standard, House Sock, and Crochet


IMG_9974 IMG_0053 IMG_0059


Tardis in House Sock and Crochet (restock)

IMG_0014 IMG_0025

Yarn Skein Markers 

IMG_0001 IMG_0011 IMG_0100


Stays in Vegas and Sept 1st. (King’s Cross)


IMG_9984 IMG_9993

Happy Chilly Monday Morning

September 14th, 2015 No comments

I know it isn’t going to last long but who doesn’t want to enjoy the bits of this weather while they can?  It will be back in the 8os before the day is out. Almost there I suppose. In other news my Alta continues to grow. Though not nearly as quickly as it did on Monday.


I’ve finished the waist decreases, and have made my way through the main cable chart about one and a half times. The next stretch is knitting in pattern for a few more inches. I don’t know how much I will get done this week as I want to take some time and work towards the next shop update. I’ve decided I would like to debut the notions bags this Saturday so I should have a few more to put in the shop.


The other pro of the cooling weather is I can spend longer than an hour at the sewing machine without needing a shower and some ice cold drinks.


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It’s Raining Sweaters

September 8th, 2015 No comments

Pumpkin Ale is Done! and I do mean done. The ends have been woven in, the pockets sewn into place. It took 14 balls of yarn, and really likely I could have gone up to 16, as I did not do the last 7 rows of the border.  It was a good thing too, as once I finished the bind off I had very little yarn left.


That wasn’t exactly going to go much farther.  Now I have another finished Rhinebeck Sweater Book Sweater. Pumpkin Ale. It fits well even without the extra rows in the front. I rarely shut cardigans, so I like patterns that don’t have buttons.



As I had mentioned before I decided to go extra bright with the pockets. I has some red shiny fabric that  is likely leftover from a costume or a project of some sort. I just know there is about 2 yards of it, and I’ve had it for years.




Once the sweater was done I was torn on what would be my  next sweater, Alta, which I have had the yarn for ages for. Or Pippin, another sweater from the Rhinebeck book that tempted me as I thought it would be fun to make in red and black. Very similar to a bulky sweater design I have in mind.  But that would mean many many alterations. Instead I decided to go with Alta, as I had a long drive to Boston planned for Labor Day.  This was a good choice.


Yep, that is the entire back of a sweater knit mostly in a day,and the start of the front. I was foiled more by the sun going down than anything else other wise my goal had been to finish the front ribbing at least. I’m sure I will slow down now as the front is heavily cabled and then I will need to work the sleeves.  I think my three Rhinebeck sweater plan may not be insane. Who knew!  Bayside you’re next!


Also after  Pumpkin Ale I wanted to keep track of my yarn usage, to make sure everything worked out. The back and the small bit of the front was just about three balls of yarn.  Which makes me think that I should be fine yarn wise this time. 3 balls for the back, 4 for the front and 1.5 per sleeve still means I have two balls left for the collar and mattress stitching.  And I am hopefully rounding up.  Now I just need a place to block the parts of the sweater and not end up with a Jade and cat hair sweater.

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Approaching the Finish

September 2nd, 2015 No comments

Why is it when you think you are almost done with something it all of a sudden starts to drag?  Its been two weeks since I’ve been working on the first sleeve. I have finished the first, and the second.  I even pre-planned around a game of yarn chicken! Happily as I finished my 11th ball before starting the cuff of the second sleeve. I bought three more and it looks like it should be plenty.



I am working on the front of the sweater now. Rounds and rounds of garter stitch.  Then lastly the pockets which are mostly fabric (yay fabric stash). Almost there, really this time. Now I will have to start making decisions about the next sweater.

Bayside or Alta which are in two very different states, though I do want to finish both before Rhinebeck. I also keep being tempted by my other sweater quantities of yarn.

IMG_9323  IMG_7944

How’s everyone else’s Rhinebeck sweater going?

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August Shop Update: All the Colors

August 27th, 2015 No comments

This month’s update was all about color variations.  Also the sale in the shop is still in its last days in celebration of my birthday. Use the code Birthday to get 15% off everything in the shop until 8/31.  Also I have changed the name of the shop. The new link is  but midnightscribbles will still work.

The yarn skien markers are available in a few more colors as well as year of the sheep available in each color of the rainbow.




I’m slowly adding multicolor yarn skein sets.



Pop Art Stitch Markers and Earrings 

IMG_9747 IMG_9762


A collection that has been out of stock for a while is back in stock. Some of  the houses of Westeros.



Captain America Markers available in Knit, Crochet, and House Sock



The Home Stretch

August 19th, 2015 Comments off

Pumpkin Ale is coming along. I am working on the right sleeve now which leaves, the left and the front border. With three skeins of yarn remaining, my plan is to finish the sleeves which I am making full length and knit as much of the border as the remaining yarn allows.


The sweater fits well, as far as I can tell at this point and it looks like it was a good plan on my part to go down a needle size.  Worsted weight sweater on  size 4s. Here’s hoping the next post about this sweater is a finished object post!

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Looking Forward

August 13th, 2015 Comments off

The Pumpkin Ale Sweater is going well.  I am currently working on the left side panel and hope to be done with the sweater in another week or two.  I’m also keeping an eye on my yarn levels as some notes mention that you tend to need a ball more than the pattern call for. I still have five balls untouched so I think *knocks on wood* that I should be fine.


So of course I am thinking about my next sweater. I have a few options. I do still plan on finishing Bayside. I have the yarn chosen for Alta. I just have to swatch again. I have sweater worth’s of yarn in grey, black, red, and black again. So the next step is to finish this sweater and cast on the next.  I think I will attempt to be sensible and cast on Alta. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring.

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Some Sewing Fun

August 10th, 2015 Comments off

I’ve been sneaking some time at the sewing machine these last few weeks. Not to do something sensible like finish my dress but to start sewing notions bags.  I have a few shapes in mind but I have started with my first shape, a rectangle.



I made my first prototype and I was hooked. A friend who also does quilting then brought me to her favorite fabric store. I want to say I was completely reasonable and restrained, but that would be a lie. Once a stasher always a stasher.  So with all my purchases the only sensible thing to do was, cut fabric and make more bags.



Here you can see some of the fabrics I made off with in my one visit to the shop.  I started sewing and was having a great time.  I finished four bags this round.  A couple have some oddities in them but I think I am on track for a Sept/Oct release date in the shop.



The bags are about 4″x3″ and can hold the usual notions, pretty easily. And as you can see from my fabric selection, Halloween and geekery will be well represented this first round.

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Birthday Sale

August 7th, 2015 Comments off

On Sunday I turn 21! *cough* 31 *cough* I’m amused by that typo so I shall leave it there. So in celebration lets have a sale over at the etsy shop.  Use the code  Birthday for 15% off. The code will be good until 8/31!




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