WIPW: Honey Cowl

December 17th, 2014 No comments

I remember the last honey cowl I worked on taking ages to grow and be finished. And that I finished it at a point of I’m done dang it! More than it had reached the size called for in the pattern. This one is flying off the needles a bit.


This is a picture I snapped before heading off to work.  Gotta say the sun really agreed with me on this one.

2014-12-17 12.07.56

This is a shot from my cubicle.  It looks like it nearly doubled in size in just one way of the journey.  So so far a good WIPW.  What is everyone working on a week til the big day?

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FO: Snapdragon Tam

December 15th, 2014 No comments

Well its Monday, but the tam is done.  So I’m mostly on track to get my last few projects of the year done.


A cowl,  a stocking, a test knit hat, oh and the sweater I want to pick back up at some point soon. You know just a couple things. But hey I’ve started the Honey Cowl in the same yarn, and its heavy worsted, it will go faster this time…. Or something.


I even found a giant tupperware lid to block the hat out on. It was interesting working on a project that was one of my early complicated projects. The last time I did this project back in 2011 and I know I pretty much only followed the written instructions. The chart was an oddly shaped pile of hieroglyphics. This time I barely looked at the written instructions.

This also makes the seventh hat since I started the Hat Season for all my lonely single skeins. Though now I wonder if I have enough skeins in the same color/weight family to make a fun striped sweater, the one in every ad everywhere right now. My coworker is wearing this one and I really like it in person:

Holiday stripe wool sweater - multi stripe

That and I keep looking at  Folie à deux and try and figure out what colors I want to make it in.  Another project to add to the pile but it might be a great things to do with some of the remaining single skeins.  I know I have orange, green, purple, red, black, and blue in solids. Add variegated yarns and we can have a party.  It may be time to go through the stash again and make a plan of action.  I think I would like it in jewel tones.

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WIPW: Purple So Much Purple

December 10th, 2014 No comments

So this week’s works in progress are both purple. Well one is a long term WIP but as I mentioned Monday I am weakly attempting to finish my Bayside for VK-Live, Jan 17/18. So how much progress was made before I put the sweater down and wandered off to knit some heavier weight sweaters?


Yeah, that’s it, and there is a good chance I will have to frog that as the stitch count seems to be off.  I have printed out a fresh copy of the pattern and will be double checking my numbers before I do anything drastic so we’ll see what happens.

On to more sensible projects.  The Snapdragon Tam is growing. I’m hoping to finish  it by the end of the week and move up to the matching honey cowl.


In other less purple news Christmas is Coming. I’ll be putting together Christmas Cards. So drop me a line with your address at 1geek2craftall [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will pop a card over to you. I will likely drop them all in the mail some time next week. So let’s say email me by Weds Dec 17th and I’ll mail everything out Thursday the 18th and yes international addresses too!

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Making Monday: More Sweaters

December 8th, 2014 No comments

I’m still working on my friend’s Purple Snapdragon Tam and haven’t even thought about starting her Honey Cowl. But  sometime during the holiday weekend/Black Friday sales I fell down the hole that was the Knitpicks holiday sale.  It was Friday or Saturday, I had a LOT of fun with my guests, the mornings blend.


So I immediately added the Gloss DK I have been meaning to buy to make Alta in my cart. Then I paused and like every time one shops on Knit picks…its only $xx until free shipping. I could maybe get another sweaters worth in Wool of the Andes. It went a little over,  but two sweaters worth of yarn, one a silk/wool blend for around $60 is awesome.


So now I have two sweaters worth of yarn and one pattern.  But I have ideas. I used  Trimmings to guess my yardage. I now have 1,210 yards of yarn waiting for a sweater pattern to call its name.  I’m in a pullover mindset so that narrows it down a bit but I’m still trying to decide between:

So I have a couple of options to think through. I also want to finish Bayside, and may be wondering if  I can finish it by VKL – NY (you know mid January) when I haven’t frogged it and gotten  started again yet.  But I did take the week between Christmas and New Years off. So I’ll have time to knit an entire fingering weight sweater? Maybe? I had the fleeting thought this morning so feel free to tell me it was the lack of caffeine talking.


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FO Friday: Viking Hat

December 5th, 2014 No comments

Its been a while since I actually had a finished object on a Friday but after making the horns at knitting last night, I  finished the hat, with some assistance from a wig form, and bright red wig.


I had some ‘moments’  with this project. The yarn skein was from a destash, so not only did I have no idea what it was (though it was the perfect color) of course I came up short. Which meant the crown decreases happened really fast.  As in 100 stitches to 8 in about 10 rows.  I had enough yarn left in my hand that I could have maybe done 11 rows to decrease…


It’s mostly a fun silly hat to wear around the bar. I am pondering redoing the horns when I get home tonight, of course the hat is due tomorrow.  But once taken off the form the horns flap around, even stuffed with pipe cleaner, perhaps I will crochet them instead to give them a more horny structure… You can see the ‘official’ hat below.


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A Bit of Holiday Knitting

December 2nd, 2014 No comments

I hope everyone in the states had a good Thanksgiving. I had friends come stay the weekend before they headed off for a cruise and it was great seeing them, hosting a friend filled meal, and lots of wandering the city.  In between the cooking, eating, drinking, and fun, I managed to finish NaNoWriMo once again (50, 455) and do it with about 8 hours to spare.

I also finished the body of the viking hat, which still needs horns but I will just get that done in time for Saturday and the Thank God its Over Party.

2014-11-29 20.24.14

And because apparently at least for the time being I have a hat problem.  I cast on another Snapdragon Tam. This hat does have a recipient, and I plan to make her a matching Honey Cowl. It is a Christmas present only in so much that I will finish it before the end of the month and this month happens to be December.


I’m making the small size so I’m hoping to knit along quickly.

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WIPW: All NaNoWriMo All the Time

November 26th, 2014 No comments

Today feels like I am earning the title to this blog. Not only am I crunching novel words all month today, I sleep nano’d. Seriously I dreamed a scene  and wrote it down before I got out of bed… I am also working on a very familiar Viking Hat.


It’s the Nano viking hat. I sorta used a pattern. I say sorta, because I changed the stitch count, the stitches used, the layout and pretty much altered the pattern to what I wanted. I already have an idea on how to make the horns, and I this point I am using the pattern to keep notes on all my alterations.


I started knitting last night about five minutes after I finished my Corwith in red Rowan felted tweed.

2014-11-25 21.48.47-1

In other WIP news, I have a turkey to brine, granita and pie to make.  And if you were wondering my current word count is 34,639. I’m behind, but not so far back that I can’t make it up in the next couple days.

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Nov. Etsy Update II: With Bells On

November 25th, 2014 No comments

It’s the second shop update for the month.  In a hope to makes sure holiday items get into the shop with enough time before Christmas. If you wader into the shop the code Gobble will get you 10% off until Friday, December 5th.

Carol of the Bells Stitch Markers – with actual bells


Tis the Season Earrings and Snow Queen Earrings

Season5  snow_queen2

Christmas Stocking Earrings


And on a much greener side of things  Kryptonite Earrings and Slytherin Earrings

krypto3 slytherin5

Blue had its moment too-  Knitters Ear Blue and Cthulhu Blue Earrings

knitter4 squid4


Everything is up in the shop and my goal is to have, one more update for the year on December 19th.  Until then enjoy!

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Making All The Things

November 17th, 2014 No comments

I’m currently working on two very different projects. Or to be realistic, I am working on many, many, different projects but right at this moment, I am putting together a menu for Thanksgiving  and the other project? Looking at all the pullover sweaters.


There are 138 sweaters in my queue. So between deciding if I should have regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or both. I’m going through the list. This also clearly means I need to pick up, frog, and restart Bayside once more.  I lost track of what row I am on, as the notes on the pattern are for 2 rounds of knitting the sweater already and I either missed or did extra increases because the count makes no sense.  I will be printing a clean version of the pattern and going again.


Let’s not discuss the fact that with the start of fall like every fall I want all new accessories. I should just make Flintshire at least.

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Vending This Weekend: Grace & The Arts At Christmas Fair

November 10th, 2014 No comments

As I mentioned a little while ago, I will be vending at the  Grace & The Arts At Christmas Fair. It will be at Grace Church at 802 Broadway.

Saturday is a  Wine and Cheese reception  from 5pm – 7pm with a $10 Admission.

Sunday is from 10am – 4pm with a $2 admission.

I will be sharing a table with Sooze in the City who makes, project bags and mini sweater ornaments among other things.

I will be vending the usual, earrings, pendants, and stitch markers. I will also be vending mini christmas stockings that can be used to hold small items, like candy, or gift cards if you are going to be mailing them out.


They are going to be available in a variety of colors. They  will all e about five inches.  And I spent a chunk of last night, blocking all of them.



Currently I have 14 stockings in a mix of solid colors and stripes.  I’m hoping to have 20 or more finished stockings ready for the fair.  Hopefully some local craters can come out and see us.



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