Falling Into Place

February 25th, 2015 No comments

It’s cold in the Northeast. I know cold in February, you are shocked, I know.  It does  mean these stabilicers are my new best friend.

stabilicers_llbeanThey mean only plans will be falling into place and you know not me!  So I have been enhancing the stash. Remember when I mentioned making a handspun  memories blanket? Well I may have a jar where I have started collecting my leftover sock weight mini skeins, leftovers, samples, etc. And then I saw the hobbledehoy tidbits.

hobbledehoy-tidbitsWhy not make a pile of mini – skeins as I try to keep up the spinning,  quick gratification. I think I will try some spinning techniques and the like I haven’t gotten to.  Also making to keep up using my new spindles. At knit night I grabbed as skein of Madeline Tosh Pashmina in Spectrum.


And I decided that flip top thrummed mittens were what i needed in my life. Needles and fiber are arriving in the mail any day now and I shall get started.


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One and a Half Clues Down

February 23rd, 2015 No comments

I’m making progress on catching up on my Follow Your Arrow 2 KAL.  I have finished clue 3A.  Which I decided to do in all black. I had pondered stranding but there would have been really long floats for a few few rows and that seemed like asking for trouble.


I started on clue 4A  during the Oscars and made it through the first 14 rows. I kept getting detoured by things like dinner, cake, and the cat. Not a bad bit of progress for one night.

IMG_8863I also settled on what I shall be doing for clue 5. I will be working on clue 5B with in red the last couple rows and bind off in black.  A plan of action, now I just have to stick to it.

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Dreaming of Sweaters

February 20th, 2015 No comments

So I have a sweater on the needles, a sweater I am planning to swatch this weekend, and you know a shawl to finish. But I just keep thinking about more sweaters.

IMG_4515Partly because I have the blue sweater yarn,  and no pattern selected. I have been pondering something with a detailed yolk and simple body. Is the detail, lace? Cables? Colorwork?  The last page of my sweaters queue on Ravelry is filling up with ideas.


I think the only reason I haven’t been hit with a giant case of startitis is because most of my interchangeable needles of sweater size, are wandering in the bottom of the project bags, from fall’s attack of sweaters. That and I need to order new cables. All of my current ones of less than 60″ come loose if you tug to hard, including the ones in my Bayside.  *wanders off to knit picks website*


There goes my last delaying method. We’ll see what jumps on the needles in the next few weeks.

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Playing Catch Up

February 17th, 2015 No comments

Well the final clue has been released for the Follow Your Arrow 2 KAL. I have finished clue 2 of 5. I’m catching up slowly.


I played with color work so that only the arrows were in black instead of the entire section like the pattern calls for. This might have also been what slowed me down. I think I frogged every purl row at least once, somehow I would always miss a count within the first 20 stitches and not notice til the last 10.


I had thought about doing clue 3A in stranding as well  but decided against it, there hasn’t been much black beyond the edging on the pattern so far at least. The clue also seems to be going faster, I got five rows of 22 done before bed.  We’ll see what I get done tonight. I put in stitch markers at this clue for a bit of a sanity check. Shockingly they are making everything go faster *rolls eyes*, you think I would learn.

I think I will take a gander at the spoiler threads for clue 4  &5. I have the instructions and based on that think I know what I will choose, but photos sometimes sway me.  So far I am BBA  which is the opposite of what I did last time AABAB.


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Feb. Shop Update: The Fellowship of the Ring

February 13th, 2015 2 comments

There are other markers in this shop update really. But there is one set that has me really excited. The Fellowship of the Ring, I made fou er three, yes three sets of these markers.


We have the nine walkers that set out from Rivendel in order;  Merry, Pippin, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimili, Legolas, and Gandalf.

Moving to seasonally appropriate markers. Love Letters.


The seasons as a collection: Each set uses slightly different beads.

IMG_8355 IMG_8359 IMG_8361

Two of the four seasons: Winter and Spring

winter4 spring5

Some new House Sock Sets:  Gambit, Gaslight, Icingdeath, Companion,  Weasley is Our King,  Nightwing, and Clockwork Heart

gambit3 gaslight5 ice4 greenfans1 weasleyking2  nightwing1clockworkheart5

And some more regular sized markers: Count em All, Hedwig, and Beacon Hills Pack.

countem1 hedwigsil1 pack23

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Follow Your Arrow 2 Take 2

February 10th, 2015 No comments

I decided to start my second attempt at my follow your arrow KAL.  This time in red and black sparkle yarn. I’ve had both yarns for a while,  the black is Roman Hills, and the red is Knitty and Color which I know through the power of updating my stash.


I did another mini stash update on Sunday, so I’m still on track to getting the stash in order. Though I did accidentally add a skein twice.

Now my goal is to see if I can catch up with the KAL and get through at least clues 2& 3 before clue 5 goes live. I might be able to start clue 4 but the shawl is getting bigger, and its not the only project I’m working on by a long shot. Completely different colors than I thought I would be using, but these were revealed in the stash update, and who am I to say no to sparkly versions of my favorite colors?

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Listen to The BKCG Panel

February 9th, 2015 No comments

The panel from Jan 25th hosted by the BKCG – was also recorded by Maria of the Subway Knits Podcast.


As I said before. I will be speaking on a panel with Kristin from Yarngasm,  Maria from SubwayKnits,  and Sarah from KnitYorkCity  on Sunday, January 25 from 1:30-4pm.


We will be discussing social media, blogging and how all that intersects with knitting. The panel is being hosted by the Brooklyn Knit and Crochet Guild who meet at the Grand Army Plaza Library!


It was a fun panel and thanks to Maria you can hear it even if you weren’t in Brooklyn that day. I’m looking forward to a listen later today.

Click here to listen.

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Follow Your Arrow 2 Falling Behind

February 4th, 2015 No comments

During the Superbowl  I worked on my Bayside sweater and my Follow Your Arrow 2 as I wanted to work through clue 2 before three came out on Monday.  I made it about three rows before I realized I had made a few errors. I put the project down and worked on my sweater but I have been considering it since.


I like the shawl, but I wasn’t really sold on how it was coming out especially since I realized I’d much rather the two colors be solid. I have been poking my stash and while no solid decision has been made, I may be frogging and starting again shortly.

IMG_8110The grey in this photo with the green currently in the shawl is one thought I have been having. Though if I do that I have no idea which would be the main color. Well, I shall be poking the stash, and maybe taking a few more photos, to work out what I will be doing next on this.


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The Start of Something Dangerous

February 3rd, 2015 No comments

I have finished the yarn I was spinning on the Golding spindle.  I ended up with 48 yards of a fingering weight 2ply.  It came out  quite nice and I started to wonder what I would do with it. I could turn it into earrings, but that would be a lot of pairs.

IMG_8707Along with watching the most recent episode of the MustStash Podcast where Stacie did a quick tutorial on a Turkish Spindle. I mean my spindle was right there. So I grabbed it and the tribble sample I got started and was victorious.  So that is another project going on.

So at this point you are probably wondering what could possibly be dangerous about any of this? Mini-Skiens guys. Hand spun Mini Skeins. So clearly I need a project to make with them. I have ruled out the bee keepers quilt because that would be something that would most likely end up  as “that wip the cats sit on.”

The Memory Blanket seems safer even if it will take just as long, the not having x-hundreds of puffs to join at the end appeals. And just when you thought it was safe…Hmm could I make an entire blanket out of handspun odds and ends? Some one stop me.


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Another 31 Down

February 2nd, 2015 No comments

31 posts later and  once again I have started the new year posting every day. I wondered if I would be able to do it. With things like VKLive, and you know a day job on my plate.  I know exactly how busy January always is at work, and preparing for a show for the first time was daunting.

2015-01-31 14.13.50-1

There were a lot of lists, plans, meetings, and I will admit some late night online shopping, of  tools and supplies with express shipping. I don’t think, as mad as it was I would really change anything.  Perhaps make a few things go more smoothly but that is what hindsight is right?

2015-01-24 10.53.04-1
I’ve used the last couple weekends to recharge with friends and see a few exhibits that are closing soon in the city. Now the plan is to keep moving forward.  I have time and ideas, and February and 2015 await.

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