Love Your Blog: Ugly

April 20th, 2015 5 comments

This weeks post theme is Ugly. I saw this and  had quite a bit of pause.  What does one talk about on a blog where they make /photograph everything where does ugly fit in.  Then I thought about other meanings of the word and of all the places my mind went I settled on socks.

A Playful Day
To be clear I do not find socks ugly. Nor do I find making them ugly. What I  do find ugly is my inability to finish off a pair of socks ever. Christmas Stockings yes, mini christmas stockings, yes. But and actual wearable pair of socks? Not yet. I have two pairs on the needles right now. Both have been on the needles for over a year.
My failed socks for dad from Dec. 2013.  The first finished sock was too big  and I went down a size, and never finished the foot on the first sock, and haven’t started the second.
2013-12-23 22.25.11
Then there were my ‘first socks’. I was smart it was a mystery sock, so I completed each clue on both socks every week. That worked out great until I got to my first heel turn, got confused, fell behind on the project, and put it aside. The picture below is from 12/30/12.  I’m pretty sure I started these socks in the spring of 2012….
I really like socks. Generally speaking I own a lot of socks, in lots of colors and styles. Socks are awesome.  I also own A LOT of fingering weight yarn. When I see yarn and think its pretty, but have no plan of what to make 97% of the time it is fingering weight.  And I tell myself something like “I’ll make as shawl”. I have a lot of shawls… And then I wander off and spin fingering weight yarn.
I need to work on that. Operation Sock Drawer is quite beyond me at the moment but operation pair? That is my speed. Hopfully. Maybe.

April Shop Update: Spring-ish

April 17th, 2015 No comments

Spring is here. In theory. It has at least gotten warmer since my pictures from the first day of spring.

IMG_6661While not the last time in snowed for us, it was the last time it stuck, at least in NYC. So This did get me thinking about spring and playing with colors. So this update is quite colorful.

Earrings – To Boldly Go with the three TOS uniform colors, Science, Leadership and Engineering. And the Skein Earrings are coming back in a variety of categories. There will be sparkle yarn in the next update. This time, we are adding neon!

IMG_9003  IMG_9000

Stitch Markers Spring Showers, Hogwarts House Pride, Vera & Jayne,  Wonder Woman, Agent Carter, and To Hogwarts!

IMG_9045  IMG_9043 IMG_9046 IMG_9011 IMG_9044  IMG_9032

Restocking – Fourth Doctor Earrings, Single Skein Earrings,

fourth_doctor2  IMG_8096

A Long Time in the Finishing

April 16th, 2015 No comments

Cast on on labor day 2012  using hand spun that took three months to finish even with the Tour de Fleece right in the middle of that.  My Hitchhiker is finally done. Finally!



I ended up with about 2 grams of fiber left  after binding off.  The last time I mentioned working on it was back in August where I mention it has 23 teeth currently and the finished skein of handspun was 462 yards.  I think I added another set of teeth or two in that period. Maybe.



A garter shawl is a great project to complete in the dark, which is one of the reasons I chose it, as the Lothlorien Cape has just a bit too much detail to go wild on in the dark and why not finish a long languishing project while hearing the  story of Frodo and the Ring set to live music? We even got a speech from Howard Shore, at the end of the show on Sunday.  I actually finished the shawl on Saturday, and then began my new addiction of knitting #justonemoresquare every night.

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Love Your Blog: Beginnings

April 13th, 2015 No comments

Beginnings is a fun  theme. I pondered writing about the start of the blog. The start of my crafty adventures. But instead I decided to focus on a new crafty adventure.  A new project I cast on Saturday.

A Playful Day
I’ve been getting new spindles lately, and with each new spindle I would have a test bit of fiber to spin.  So I started building quite the collection of mini skeins and I started to  wonder what to do with all.
As much as i love the look of it the Beekeeper’s quilt was out, I would make a dozen puffs , run out of fiberfill and have a half finished puff on the needles for the next two years, never remember to buy fiberfill until after I left the craft store. And then there is actually connecting all the puffs into a blanket.  It would be a very tiny cat friendly blanket.
I looked at mini skin projects, shawls, small toys, scarves, blankets other than the quilt.  I started looking at other things people were doing with scraps and it was instagram  that came through with the memory blanket. A few people I am following are working on it and some even working on a square a day.  I liked that it was worked attaching square to square, and that there was no need to keep things matching or have a plan when one first starts.  I have no plan. I have yarn.
I wound all my mini skeins into center pull balls, and decided to start with a square of handspun.  I also purchased the Avengers Mini Skeins from Gnome Acres as my last bit of motivation to get started.  I randomly grabbed a handful of skeins before heading off to LOTR in Concert at Lincoln Center on Sunday.
 Two squares so far, mostly worked in the dark during Return of the King.  I look forward to see how this will grow,  but for now its an adventure in spinning, knitting, and keeping track of scraps. A new adventure for the next few months…years…time period yet to be determined.

Quarter Down

April 7th, 2015 No comments

We are down a quarter of the year. So how are the 2015 goals progressing? I think pretty on track to show good progress on the next check in.

1. Four more sweaters in 2015. That’s one a season, totally reasonable, and I would like at least 2 to be pullovers, and at least one to be done in pieces. its about time I got to building a sweater. And right now I have the yarn for a few sweaters!
1. Alta – Green Gloss DK -  swatch is done and wayyy off. I’m losing about 4 stitches every 4 inches. Math will have to be done.
2. Stripes Gone Crazy - Cashmere Wool Blend
3. Blue Wool of the Andes
4. Eco Wool
5. Bayside
6. Wine colored Sock yarn
2. More craft fairs – I want to do more vending (VKLive happened!) I have applied to another fair, and am researching more.
3. More Spinning. Joining the DSPAKAL means I will start my year spinning. I seem to be on my way to making a cozy memories blanket where at least a few of the squares will be handspun.
1. Six complete spinning projects for the year (knitting handspun or spinning a project)
2. Get one of the spindles I have been eying maybe as a reward for hitting the 50% mark(Uh – I may now own two Turtle Made spindles, an Aaron Makes stuff spindle, and a Golding)
4. Socks!!!! I have two actual pairs on the needles.
5. As I mentioned yesterday, more collaborations.Clubs, Giveaways, Stitches South!
6. Updating the graphics of the blog and published patterns (new laptop should help get this going but its still a work in progress)
7. Gloves! Both the designing of and knitting of other patterns – My Thrummed flip top mittens are a start right?
8. Designing - So many swatches guys – SO MANY
9. Plan another epic birthday – there may be zombies


And the 12 in 2015
1. Alta Swatched
2. Stripes Gone Crazy – Been pondering making another pullover with the mail yarn
3. Bayside sleeves separated and approaching the body increases
4. Handspun Socks take two
5. Blanket – Cozy Memories Blanket
6. Gloves – Thrummed flip top mitts
7. Flintshire Take II – well I used the yarn for mitts. but a red flintshire would work too.
8. Release a Cowl Design
9. Handspun Hat with Luxury tribbles – Cashmere! Yak!
10. Thrummed Hat! – I don’t wear mittens but a Hat would be great.Likely not as then there would have to be lining.
11. A Colorwork project
12. Christmas Ornaments – After setting up the tree this year we noted it was lacking in handmade, personal items. Especially in the home of two crafters.
Heck even some items in the frogged or not frogged list have been worked on already; okay just Bayside and my Hitchhiker but its a move in the right direction.


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Love Your Blog: Community and Interaction

April 6th, 2015 8 comments

Today starts the Love Your Blog Challenge with A Playful Day which starts on a very fitting Monday as I was doing some thinking about the blog, and I always enjoy a good challenge.

A Playful Day
 So today’s post, Community and Interaction caught my eye this morning on Instagram. There is also a neon challenge I will likely join, but that is more iffy as the neon project currently on the needles is a design.  But it does bring me to the fact that a lot of my interactions lately have been on Instagram.  It seems to be a dangerous thing to let me have a phone to share all my crafty moments instantly.
The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, both on the work end and the personal end.  The personal end seems to be settling down but work is just going to get madder. So I have been spending more time on what I would call bite sized interactions.  15 minutes on Instagram here, 5 minutes on twitter there, and a deep sigh at the current Podcast/RSS feed backlog.
But even in the midst of my life sliding into the crazy place I had time to throw a few hearts out there, answer questions,  and ask a few of my own. I have gotten great advice on projects, tools, and supplies.  I’ve been playing along with KAL’s and  answering a few #widn. My community seems to be growing and spreading all over.

Back To Bayside

March 23rd, 2015 No comments

Hmm, with a title like that one has to ask if everyone has seen the  actual return to Bayside High on Jimmy Fallon.  If not, relive it, marvel at it how little the cast seems to have changed.  I remember the last time I got to sleeve separation wondering  of it might be too big a sweater but trucking along anyway.  This time I have tried it on, with an epic fail of dropped stitches despite the life line, and it fits well.



The other pro is after I got to sleeve separation,  it was much faster. Juggling three skeins off yarn means this time around would never be as fast, and without the pending Nerd Wars deadline, I’m less inclined to work on it exclusively. It’s good progress, and well on its way to being the first finished sweater of the year. Alta is waiting in the wings to be  next in line.

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March Shop Update: Space Cowboys

March 21st, 2015 No comments

This is a bit of an eclectic shop update. The Supernatural, Fairy Tales, Browncoats, Archeologists, Princesses, and more. The two collections this month though are both about sharp shooting, space adventurers.

Collections: Firefly and Dr. River Song

Firefly2 river1

Regular Stitch Markers Mermaids, Poisoned Apple, Wine and Chocolate, Impala


mermaid3 IMG_8957 IMG_8939 IMG_8944

Half Elven Markers: Union Jack



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Another Mini Skein Down

March 18th, 2015 No comments

So I finished the sampler I spin up on my new Aaron Makes Stuff Spindle.  The hobbledehoy fiber was, varying shades of blue, brown, and sparkle.


It actually made me think a bit of the 10th Doctor, and  his brown and blue suit. Or that may be more on my mind as I signed up for a sewing class to brush up on my skills.


Winding the fiber up into a center pull ball had me thinking that there wouldn’t be much when I plyed the fiber.  With that in mind I decided not to do a 3 plyy and instead do another 2 ply.


I ended up with a 40 yard mini skein.  There maybe indeed be mini skein blanket in my future.

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Spindle Problem

March 13th, 2015 1 comment

I may have purchased another drop spindle.  I may need to go cold turkey on spindle and fiber purchases for a while. It’s from Aaron Makes Stuff a spindle maker I have been following for quite some time.



While I have been keeping an eye out to get one of his black colored pencil spindles.When I saw this Ebony and Holly spindle I may have jumped on it.


Along with my hobbledehoy titbits I received this sampler tribble that I may have spun up most of it during knit night.



It sparkles, and once I’m done I plan to add it to my mini skein possible yarn blanket plot. We’ll see how that goes.


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